Sculptor Conrad Shawcross RA joins writer and Coordinating Chaplain at Nottingham Trent University, Revd Dr Richard Davey to discuss his courtyard installation for this year’s Summer Exhibition, and the way his sculptures explore geometry, philosophy, physics and metaphysics.

In this event, sculptor Conrad Shawcross talks to Richard Davey about his installation for the 2015 Summer Exhibition, The Dappled Light of the Sun. This large-scale work consists of a group five steel ‘clouds’ made up of thousands of tetrahedrons, the smallest of the Platonic Solids. The branching forms stand at over six metres high in the RA’s Courtyard and weigh five tonnes each.

Elected in 2013, Conrad Shawcross RA is the youngest current Royal Academician. His recent works include Timepiece, a spectacular mechanical light sculpture at the Roundhouse in Camden, ADA Project, a robotic installation inspired by Ada Lovelace at The Vinyl Factory in 2014 and a new series of sculptures in Dulwich Park unveiled this April.

In this event he will discuss how he approached the 2015 Summer Exhibition courtyard installation and how scale, failed theories and architectural space all influence his practice.

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Friday 19 June 2015

6.30 — 7.30pm

Reynolds Room, Burlington House, Royal Academy of Arts

£16 (includes exhibition entry). £12 (event only). Concessions available.