Late Constable Tour with Curator Anne Lyles

Published 6 December 2021

Explore the exhibition of late works by one of Britain’s best-loved artists.

  • Inside Late Constable

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    Late Constable explores how the artist’s style changed in the last 12 years of his life, through his paintings and oil sketches, as well as watercolours, drawings and prints.

    The period is defined by his free and expressive brushwork, and a move away from accurate and naturalistic landscapes of his earlier career.

    Explore the exhibition with Curator Anne Lyles and find out how the works on show will challenge your preconceptions of one of Britain’s most popular artists.

    • John Constable RA , Rainstorm over the Sea

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      One of Britain’s best-loved artists had a radical side.

      In this exhibition, discover the free and expressive brushwork that came to define Constable’s late career.