Family how-to: felt-tip printing

Published 17 November 2020

Make your own unique and colourful prints using felt-tip pens and an old baking dish.

  • How to: felt-tip printing

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    Dish up a monoprint

    Each year the Summer Exhibition has a room dedicated to prints — showcasing an array of ideas and techniques from etching to lithography and screenprinting.

    Monoprints are made in a variety of ways, sometimes involving drawing or painting directly onto a printing plate. They can be quick to make, spontaneous and experimental, but unlike other methods, each print can only be made once.

    Check out this years selection of prints to see what might inspire your own creations.

    • Felt-tip printing materials

      What you need

      • Felt-tip pens

      • Sponge

      • Cloth

      • Paper

      • Dish

      • Tray

    • Felt-tip prints step 1

      Step 1

      Draw onto your dish using felt-tip pens.

    • Felt-tip prints step 3

      Step 2

      Using a damp cloth, thoroughly wet your printing paper.

    • Felt-tip prints step 4

      Step 3

      Absorb any excess water using a dry cloth.

    • Felt-tip prints step 5

      Step 4

      Place the wet side of your paper down onto your drawing. Then apply even pressure across its surface to make sure the ink transfers.

    • Felt-tip prints step 6

      Step 5

      Peel away your print and leave it to dry.

    • Felt-tip printing step 6

      Step 6

      Check out your work!

  • Felt-tip print
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