Summer Exhibition 2015 prizes announced

Published 6 June 2015

Rose Wylie RA announced as winner of the Charles Wollaston award.

  • Rose Wylie, Herr Rehlinger In White Armour

    Rose Wylie, Herr Rehlinger In White Armour, 2014.

    Oil on canvas. 186 cm x 169 cm x 4.5 cm.

  • Other Awards and Prizes

    The Jack Goldhill Award for Sculpture
    £10,000 for a sculpture.
    Tim Shaw, Erebus (Man on Fire Version II) (Cat No. 1100, Lecture Room)

    The Hugh Casson Drawing Prize
    £5,000 for an original work on paper in any medium, where the emphasis is clearly on drawing.
    Carla Groppi, After Atget (Cat No. 974, Gallery IX)

    The Sunny Dupree Family Award for a Woman Artist
    £4,000 for a painting or sculpture.
    Vanessa Jackson, Homage a Henri (Cat No. 12, Central Hall)

    The London Original Print Fair Prize. Sponsored by Towry
    £2,500 for a print in any medium.
    Ian McNicol, Red Versus Blue (Cat No. 697, Gallery V)

    Arts Club Charitable Trust Award
    £2,000 for a work in any medium (except architecture).
    Ade Adesina, The Questions (Cat No. 770, Gallery VII)